Consultations & Support

 I am offering a sliding-scale payment option based on what you are currently able to afford.  I am open to barter or working with what is possible for you.
Initial Consultations
$120.00 or sliding-scale
An initial consultations is about 2 hours long. During this visit, whether in person (using social distancing protocols) or via phone or Skype, your original constitution and current state of health will be assessed using different techniques and evaluation methods, so as to create a personalized program according to your specific situation and individual needs. Consultations include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, traditional herbal treatments, as well as therapeutic yoga, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation instruction. *There is an additional charge for herbal formulas. Your privacy is important to me. All information shared will be kept secure and under strict confidence.
Wellness issues might include (but are not limited to):
      • Boosting Immunity during the time Covid-19 and beyond
      • Managing stress 
      • Addiction and recovery support
      • Coming out of the blues
      • Getting better sleep
      • Finding a healthy balance in life
      • Inflammation concerns
      • Deepening connection to Nature/Spirituality
      • Diet and nutrition 
      • Menstruation and hormone balancing
      • Cleansing and rejuvenating the bodily systems
      • Fortifying relationships
      • Rebooting creative energy
      • Beginning a Yoga or Meditation practice that works for you
Follow-up Consultations
$60.00 or sliding-scale
Follow-up consultations are about one hour long and are of great importance in Ayurveda. These are the times when your program of care can be reviewed so we can make any needed adjustments, and also for support and encouragement in your healing process. Throughout your follow-ups you will deepen the understanding of your individual constitution and how internal and external factors such as diet, lifestyle, and seasonal changes affect you, as well as how to counteract those factors through your self-care practices. . 
NEW: Immunity & Vitality Quick Session Consultations 
$60 or sliding scale
These one-hour sessions (either by phone, video conference, or social distance meeting) serve to address various wellness issues that can be consulted on via a short session that may be more accessible to your schedule and comfort level. In these sessions we will focus on just one main concern in order to provide a personalized treatment plan.
Personalized Dietary and Nutrition Consultation
$60 per hour
Having  guidance and support with implementing dietary changes can lead to huge successes with your wellness goals. I offer personalized consultations for helping you find fun and realistic ways to empower you in the kitchen. Together we will follow your Ayurvedic treatment protocol, whether coming from me or any practitioner you are working with. I will collaborate with you to create meal plans and shopping lists, assess your spice cabinet and food stocks, or even cook with you in your own kitchen or virtually. There are many ways to get creative so that your entire family can benefit from the nutritional changes you are making. 
Postpartum Support
During those sacred 40 days following the birth of a new baby, it is so wonderful and important to receive nurturing support. I specialize in assisting with Ayurvedic dietary and nutritional TLC during this time in your life. I will work with you to create and implement a meal plan that is in harmony with your body’s changing needs as you progress through these 40 days, bringing you grounding, healing and lactation support, balanced energy, better sleep, healthy digestion and assimilation, and inner peace. Please contact me if you would like to learn more! 
*All custom herbal formulas are made with ethically wildcrafted, pure, organic herbs.