Consultations & Support

Initial Consultations
An initial consultations is about 2 hours long. During this visit, whether in person or via Zoom, your original constitution (Prakruti) and current state of health (Vikruti) will be assessed using different techniques and evaluation methods, so as to create a personalized program according to your specific situation and individual needs. Consultations include nutritional and lifestyle mentoring, traditional herbal treatments, as well as therapeutic yoga, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation instruction. *There is an additional charge for herbal formulas. Your privacy is important to me. All information shared will be kept secure and under strict confidence.
Wellness issues might include (but are not limited to):
      • Managing stress 
      • Addiction and recovery support
      • Healing habits that no longer serve us 
      • Boosting the immune system
      • Coming out of the blues and stuck places
      • Getting better sleep
      • Finding a healthy work/life balance
      • Interpersonal relationship support
      • Deepening connection to nature/spirituality
      • Rebooting creative energy
      • Diet and nutrition 
      • Weight loss
      • Inflammation concerns
      • Digestive issues
      • Menstruation and hormone balancing
      • Cleansing and rejuvenating the bodily systems
      • Beginning and sustaining a yoga or meditation practice 
Wellness Coaching Packages 
Proven to be the most successful approach, these packages include an initial consultation and five follow-up consultations at a discounted rate. Full payment is made in advance and together we will decide on a scheduling plan that is ideal. This is by far my favorite way to share my offerings as I can really get to know you and there is time for powerful integration work. Plus, this plan helps to hold you accountable, keeps you active and present with the work we are doing, and allows us to really build and customize your wellness journey. 
Follow-up Consultations
Follow-up consultations are about one hour long and are of great importance in Ayurveda. These are the times when your program of care can be reviewed so we can make any needed adjustments, and also for support and encouragement in your healing process. Throughout your follow-ups you will deepen the understanding of your individual constitution and how internal and external factors such as diet, lifestyle, and seasonal changes affect you, as well as how to counteract those factors through your self-care practices. 

Personalized Dietary and Nutrition Consultation
$100 per hour (an initial consult is required prior to this consultation)
Having  guidance and support with implementing dietary changes can lead to huge successes with your wellness goals. I offer personalized consultations for helping you find fun and realistic ways to empower you in the kitchen. Together we will follow your Ayurvedic treatment protocol, whether coming from me or any practitioner you are working with. I will collaborate with you to create meal plans and shopping lists, assess your spice cabinet and food stocks, or even cook with you in your own kitchen or virtually. There are many ways to get creative so that your entire family can benefit from the nutritional changes you are making. 
Private Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breath-work), Deep Relaxation Classes
$100 per hour
I have been a Yoga teacher for fifteen years and would love to work with you toward establishing, deepening, or re-booting your Yoga practice. Whatever your Yoga goals may be (getting out of pain, recovery from injury, finding peace, getting strong and flexible, learning about Yoga philosophy, breath work, meditation…). I work with you to cultivate a solid practice. 
Private group classes are also available. 
*All custom herbal formulas are made with ethically cultivated ad wildcrafted, pure, organic herbs.