Workshops & Conference Experiences

Holistic Living: A Customizable and Dynamic Conference or Workshop Experience 

This series can transform to suit needs related to time, audience, and purpose. Topics include everything listed below in the An Intro to Ayurveda workshop, as well as:
      • Cultivating deep listening skills
      • Nourishing the 5 senses
      • Practices to find grounding, peace, focus, and centeredness at work
      • Creating an alter or sacred physical space
      • The Chakras and how they connect to our inner understanding and relationships
      • Mindfulness breathing and meditation practices
      • Walking meditation
      • The art of being gentle with yourself
      • 5 Elements Qigong
      • Tradak (candle-gazing) meditation
      • Mindfulness hands-on activities: incense-making, knotted mantra-bracelets, essential oil blending, stream of consciousness writing, cooking
      • Yoga pranayama (breath work)
      • Relaxation 101
      • The power of mantra
      • An introduction to Yoga philosophy
      • Yoga movement practices focused on: healing trauma, finding balance, deepening awareness, stretching, building community, integrating chakra alignment, laughter, strengthening…

An Intro to Ayurveda: The Science of Life

This two-part (8-12 hour) workshop will explore some of the foundational aspects of Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India that is rooted in bringing us back to our optimal state of health and wellbeing. We will discuss the three main categories of elemental combinations that form our overall constitutions, what causes our unique constitutions to get out of balance, and ways to bring them back into harmony. Also, we will unravel the mysteries of the three great qualities (gunas) that are constantly in motion within us and around us. Understanding these qualities will provide us with practical tools for ongoing self-enquiry, creating lasting positive change, and cultivating compassion.

By learning these foundational underpinnings of Ayurveda we can accomplish many powerful wellness goals such as:

      • Learning our unique constitution type (Dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in order to have awareness on how and why imbalances occur
      • Overcoming addictions and strengthening our willpower and resolve
      • Getting deeper and more restful sleep
      • Balancing our digestive fire
      • Strengthening our immunity
      • Building resilience
      • Managing anger, anxiety, fear, inertia, depression
      • Fortifying our relationships with those we love
      • Deepening connection to our spiritual beliefs
      • …and so much more

During our time together, we will do some brief, gentle movement, breathing and meditation practices. These practices will be accessible to all, regardless of physical condition.

Peace and Good Health!