Welcome to Taproot Ayurveda

Getting to the root-cause of imbalances in order to build lasting radiant health, resilience, connection, and happiness is the goal of Taproot Ayurveda. Let me help guide and support you on this quest toward balance and wellness.

Ayurveda, ‘the science of life’, is the ancient and flourishing traditional medical system of India. But more than that, Ayurveda is a time-proven integrative method for living and spiritual growth. Based on the five great elements and how they express in our body, mind, and spiritual complex, Ayurveda works to restore our elements to their unique, balanced state. Our body has amazing power to heal itself, and Ayurveda brings forth the fullness of our healing potential.

Utilizing diet and nutrition, lifestyle changes, herbal formulas, five-sense therapies, Yoga, meditation, ritual, and much more – Taproot Ayurveda/Nancy Jurek works with you toward realizing your unique health goals.

As an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor I collaborate with you to unravel what the root cause(s) of imbalances may be. This kind of work takes openness and patience as Ayurveda is not a ‘quick fix’, but a lasting and far-penetrating holistic healing modality that takes time, effort, and faith.